New Job!!

Finally, I have an interview with a Doctor’s office administrator tomorrow, and if all goes well I’ll start on Monday!! I know the nurses I’ve met like me. I think I’ve finally become pretty well managed with therapy and meds. It’s crazy that while on Adderal I can sleep at night finally. Makes me a whole lot brighter during the day, I’m only like one sandwich short of a picnic rather than forgetting the sandwiches altogether. This time has been wonderful for time with my grand-children. Things have been tight, but I do believe I can stay in my house a little longer. I had my car repossessed, but it just really isn’t that important. I’ll buy a rollable clunker with air after I’ve worked for a while, then focus on paying off debt and getting things together to start my tiny house. (of course, my girls think I’m insane, but I’m aware of that, and they are aware I still want to do it) No real conflict there.

My dogs are going to be feeling neglected after I’ve had so much time with them. They are such sweet girls. The journey continues – with much more serenity. I’m not a religious person, but spirituality is the thing I try to focus on. This time has really been good for learning real trust in the God I’ve come to sort of understand. (God = love, pretty simple)

I’m drawing tiny house plans on graph paper so I can measure things realistically, my biggest problem is that I would like a small soaking tub and it’s really hard to find one less than 40 inches in diameter. I’m going to ask permission to connect to some other great blogs soon so I can share the joy of simple living. I’ve sold lots of stuff, and I’m getting ready to donate quite a bit, and it feels liberating to get rid of all of this stuff. I’ve been in this house a long time, and I found things in the attic that went up there when we bought the house 23 years ago. I’m really lousy at managing money so I still owe a lot, and now that we’ve been annexed by Memphis most of us owe more on our houses than they are worth right now. That is one of the main reasons I want a tiny house, and I want to make it accessible for the vertically challenged as I’m not quite 5′ tall. Designing and building it myself would make that possible. Plus I’m not so much into “roughing” it so I am going to have to plan on stuff, and I want to do solar so I can be independent of the oh so expensive electric bills. I’ll try to do a better job as I’ve only posted twice in over one year.